Date posted: 8/12/17
Location: CO

Unleash the Dragon! Eight-year-old Dragon has just flown in with some serious adorable firepower. Dragon came to us under very sad circumstances. His mom is unleashing her own powers to fight cancer and felt that Dragon needed a family who could give him more care and attention. Dragon will be ready to find his forever lair in no time.

Dragon gained his name not only from his adorable firepower, but he also adorably loves to gather his toys and lay on them as if he was protecting his treasure. Did we just hear a collective “Awwww!” from around the world? Wait, there’s more! Dragon likes all dogs and gets along well with others. He loves more than just his dragon hoard of toys, he also loves to cuddle and even enjoys watching movies! Perhaps a little Game of Thrones action?

Dragon is settling in nicely in his foster home, but he’s really looking forward to his forever family and setting up his treasure pile in his own cave. As any good dragon will, he could use some treasure to help him along his way, so please click on the link to donate. If his cute face doesn’t get you, his dragon yodel probably will, and he’ll be happy to sing a few notes just to say thank you!





For Dragon. Enjoy some treats. Kristina Weise

Christine Horvath

Kendra McLellan

In memory of all my angel dogs! Jennifer Sparks

Oh sweet Dragon!! Hope this will get you a little something. Your face made me melt. Tina Richardson

In memory of my sweet Louis, the first Frenchie that stole my heart. Welcome to the FBRN family, Dragon. You are loved. xoxo Alicia Cervini

Mark Shields

Hi Dragon! Myself and my 2yo frenchie Bailey hope you get lots of new treasures and treats for your lair, and wish you lots of love <3 Ashley Vince

With love from Gemini.