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Dogged efforts get satisfaction
by Ed Palattella

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Caring for Your Flat-Faced Pooch

...Dogs Debbye Turner Bell discussed how to properly care for flat-faced dogs like French Bulldogs and Pugs. An English bulldog featured on The Early Show....

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December 11, 2007
Tucker will be leaving his foster home in Marblehead December 16

Tucker is eager to meet his new family.

Tucker will be leaving his foster home in Marblehead on December 16 to go to an adoptive home in Seattle. Tucker is a French Bulldog.

He first came to the Marblehead home of Judy and Charlie Burchfield through the French Bulldog Rescue Network, an organization based in Glen Allen, Virginia. The French Bulldog Rescue Network is an independent, North American rescue organization. Its purpose is “to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome Frenchies in need,” according to its Web site.

A woman who lives in Toledo contacted the network because she had some serious health problems and could no longer take care of Tucker the way she felt he deserved. She surrendered him so that a new home could be located. The network placed him with Judy and Charlie Burchfield until just the right family for him could be found, a process that takes weeks, months or, in some cases, years.

A family in Seattle saw Tucker's picture and information on the French Bulldog Rescue Network Web site and applied for adoption. There were several applications, and a review committee researched each of them and determined that this was an excellent family for him. A home visit was then done, and their veterinarian was contacted to confirm that they are responsible pet owners. They also currently have a female French Bulldog, so Tucker will have a playmate.

The adoptive family is flying from Seattle to Detroit where the foster family will meet them. Tucker will fly in the cabin with his new family in a secure container that fits underneath the seat. This container, by the way, apparently meets all airline regulations.

Judy and Charlie Burchfield have been fostering for three years for two agencies, the French Bulldog Rescue Network and Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue. The latter is based in Kent City, Michigan, and serves Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. The couple, who had one dog of their own when they began fostering, got involved because, as Ms. Burchfield puts it, “We felt this was a way to repay all of the dogs we've loved throughout our lives for their devotion to us.” She confides that she could not do it without her husband, who is “the Numero Uno yard cleanup man and indoor accident clean up man.”

Oftentimes dogs come to a rescue network because of a divorce, death of an owner or an owner needing to go into a nursing home. Some owners get tired of having the dog in their home. Many dogs that come to a rescue network have been abused and neglected. Some come from puppy mills where they've been forced to serve as breeders and are then dumped because they're no longer profitable. According to Ms. Burchfield, “These dogs can be very hard to rehabilitate, but we don't give up on a single one of them.”

Over the past years, the couple has adopted three dogs that they were serving through foster care, so they have four of their own now. Judy Burchfield confesses that her friend, Marblehead resident Gail Anderson, “is in charge of ensuring that I do not adopt another dog no matter how sad the story.” On December 16, the story of Tucker will have a happy ending.

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