Date posted: 3/3/19
Location: CA

It's the age old debate: chunky or smooth? Well, we can tell you one of FBRN's newest fosters is smoother than a fresh jar of...well, Skippy! He may not even be 2 years old but he has the health issues of a much older pup. This gorgous pup, the color of peanut butter and chocolate, was surrendered when his family couldn't keep up with all of his medical problems.

Skippy was born with pulmonic stenosis which has now caused dilated cardiomyopathy, where the heart doesn't pump as efficiently as normal. In the first several days of foster care, Skippy had a very hard time keeping down food and water. And how is an underweight pup supposed to put on weight if he throws up all the time? Thankfully, after a trip to a cardiologist, he is now on some medications and his foster family is hand-feeding him while he sits up, which has really cut down on his vomiting. Paws crossed because it seems like he has gained a couple pounds! Due to his cardiac issues, Skippy has not been neutered so he is showing some tendency to mark in the house.

The sweetest little guy ever, Skippy could really use some help filling up his piggy bank. "Pulmonic stenosis" and "cardiomyopathy" not only sound expensive but they really are expensive to treat and manage. Please click on the link to donate to his care and leave some words of encouragement (we don't even mind if they're song lyrics). This young pup deserves a chance to live a full life and he's definitely in the right place. Thank you for your support!


Skippy! We hope you live a happy life, filled with love and lots of hugs! From Millie

Krisi White

Skippy, hope your on the mend soon. You are so precious & I just know that your forever family is out there just waiting for you. Albert Thomas

Feel better skippy girl! Sending lots of love, kisses, and prayers for you! Stay strong! Xoxo Cleo

Rosemarie Dimondo

Lisa Kinsman

Ryan Cheng

Nancy Tighe

Skippy, get well soon! Love JJ & Walter

Gregory Sorbello

For Neiman, Skippy, or any other special pups at FBRN. Get better soon & keep wagging!!! Christy Gorman

Jennifer Wysocki

For Skippy in memory of Kai. Hope you find a wonderful forever home! Irina Weintraub

Get well skippy <3 luiza

Well Sweet Skippy I have the same heart problem you do as does my Dad..see we too have big hearts:) Hugs n Kisses sweetie. Amber Lara