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Date posted: 9/7/19
Location: TX

Marlow is the other senior gal from Ohio who came to Texas with Letty. She is a gray-faced old lady who doesn’t make a sound. She hasn’t reacted to anyone or anything. Her poor little ears are so swollen, itchy and dirty, she may not be able to hear her foster family calling. She has already had a bath as she found something smelly in the yard to roll in, so we know this much: she is perfectly normal. Currently she is sound asleep on the couch.

A mighty transport team came together to move these golden girls from chilly Ohio to warm and comfy Texas. We offer all those involved a huge thank you! Marlow will need some work to keep her ears clean and clear. If you'd like to donate to her care, please click her photo and leave a note for this ultra-quiet madam. Thank you!


Marlow, We gray-haired ladies need to take care of each other. Get well. Hope you keep some hearing although my deaf dogs have always done very well. Dorothy Mace

This is to sponsor Lulabelle, Tiara, Marlow & Letty With Love from Tashi, Boo & Theo