Date posted: 9/7/19
Location: TX

Letty is one of 3 senior gals hailing from Ohio. She made the very long trek from Ohio to Texas with her sister Ruby. They were surrendered because the human child was allergic.

Ironically, Letty seems to be suffering from some long term allergies herself and an ear infection. After gentle cleanings, her face folds look better now, though the tear stains will take a long time to clear up.
She is very sweet, but so far she is not needy. She’s vocal and silly. She’s met one of the cats and a dog through the baby gate and so far there has been no reaction. Her foster mom says once we get her skin cleared up she will be an easy keeper. She goes to the door and “talks” if she needs to potty.

She’s very spry and spunky for a 10 year old and doesn’t look a day over 5. We're looking forward to seeing her feel better. Some effective meds and the results of her allergy tests will help us help her feel less itchy and keep her from constantly shaking her head. If you know what it's like to have an allergy Frenchie (and if you have had a Frenchie, chances are you rank in that number!), maybe you would feel inclined to toss poor Letty a few dollars to get her feeling better? If you'd like to help, just click on her photo and leave her a note! We'll all send a Texas-size thank you!


Here’s a few bucks to help Letty feel better. Kimberly Chambers

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