Date posted: 7/24/17
Location: NC

Wouldn’t you know, the prettiest southern belle has just sauntered into the FBRN family. A warm welcome to Miss Henrietta! Henrietta is a breeder surrender and has been suffering from epilepsy. But, before you turn down her dance card, Henrietta has been put on great medication and is now two months seizure free. She’s very much looking forward to being the belle of the ball at her very own adoption dance!

Besides working through epilepsy issues, Henrietta has a few pounds to shed in order to be in tip top shape. The extra weight makes it a struggle to be light on her feet and breathe easily, which is important for our Frenchies. Her foster mom already has Henrietta on a diet and exercise plan to help her fit into her dancing gown in no time.

Henrietta is working on some other lessons while being pampered in foster care. She is new to potty training, but is picking up the cues very quickly. She is sweet as a Georgia peach and gets along famously with her foster furr siblings and humans. Her favorite pastimes include snuggling, sleeping and going for rides in the car. Henrietta always seems to have extra kisses to spare and is quite the flirt when out and about!

While Henrietta is settling into foster care, please consider helping her by clicking on the link to donate and don’t forget a word or two of encouragement for this pretty girl. She might just save you a spot on her dance card to say thank you!







For lovely Henrietta for any special slimming foods and treats and a few squeaky toys. What's not to love about such s fetching face! Love and hope from Suzi B

What a beautiful girl! Someone will be so lucky to have you in their life. Can’t wait to see you on the available page, but until then, enjoy being pampered! You are special! Debbie Johnston

Sweet girl! Can't wait to see you on the available page. Carrie Marvin