Date posted: 4/30/17
Location: FL

Sweet, petite, and cute as a button, Gizmo is the newest addition to the FBRN family. This black masked beauty just celebrated her 4th birthday (bon anniversaire, boubou!) and we are thrilled to welcome her into the fold.

Gizmo is one of several special needs dogs currently in our care, as she is partially paralyzed in her back legs and unable to control her bowels or bladder. It is an unfortunate fact that French bulldogs are particularly susceptible to back problems. Selective breeding for the characteristic Frenchie screw tail has had the unintended consequence of making the breed genetically prone to misshapen vertebrae, which in turn increases the chance of slipped discs and paralyzing injuries. Fortunately, with a little extra TLC, paralyzed dogs can live happy, healthy lives, and little Miss Gizmo is no exception. She isn’t in any pain, eats her meals with gusto, and just wants to snuggle up close to her foster family. Of course, they are only too happy to oblige!

Gizmo will be making a bunch of trips to the vet’s office so that we can get a better understanding of her condition, including whether there is any possibility of her regaining some of the lost sensation in her hindquarters. We’ll also determine whether Gizmo is a good candidate for a wheelie cart. If you’d like to make a contribution toward her vet bills (and maybe a few birthday treats as well) please click on the link below and tell us it’s for Gizmo. She will send you a gentle head butt and a lick of thanks!


Teresa Caudle

For Gizmo in memory of Demi Chu Chu. Send all good vibes and hoping for good reports! Love, the Marquina family

A little something for some birthday treats and the vet visits. Snorts and kisses from Chloe in Hartford

Such a sweet girl, sending love and hugs from us and our two Frenchie boys! Abigail Brandt

To Gizmo. Best wishes for getting your legs back. Nicholas P Banegas

Please divide this donation among Alfalfa, Iverson, Gizmo and Romply. We hope this helps these adorable little frogs with medical needs or some new toys. Sending lots of love to you cuties! J&K

Sponsorship donation for Gizmo on behalf of Mike Lutkus - Merry Christmas Gizmo! Mary McCullen



Gizmo - sending big big hugs from Texas sweetie pie! Hope you are feeling better soon! Allison Vidalin

greg stanley

Pichen Lu

Sending love to Gizmo from @bean_thefrenchbulldog

Hi! How is Gizmo! I hope this helps. judeann smith

A little something for adorable Gizmo in memory of my sweet frenchie girl Mia Fernandez xoxo Milagros Fernandez

Susan White

Elizabeth Fraser

For Gizmo, dedicated to my best friend Jessica! Dani McClimont

For the Great Gizmo in honor of Mike Lutkus and his Frenchie, Bailey !

Claudine Andrews