Date posted: 8/27/17
Location: IL

Say hello to Dunkin, a whopping 37 lb donut!

Dunkin is a lovely fellow, but his family no longer had time for him. It seems like he spent most of his days outdoors, and he is ready for some indoor cuddle time. He’s got his basics down, (sit, come, paw) but is unfriendly with other dogs, so he has some work to do with socializing. Humans, on the other hand, he LOVES! He’ll play fetch with you and follow you around. If he’s near you, he’s happy.

Based on his vet exam, it looks like he needs to watch his diet -- years of being overfed is starting to show, so his foster family is starting to slowly decrease his calorie intake and increase his exercise. He also has a bit of a skin infection and hot spots on his belly, so he is being treated for that as well. It’ll take some time before he’s in top shape, so if you’d like to contribute to his wellness program, click on his picture to sponsor Dunkin! Thank you!




You're one good looking Frenchie!!! In memory of Pork&Beans.  Stephen Fleming