Date posted: 9/15/19
Location: TX

Ash-grey Coal is here to warm our hearts! She was surrendered by her owner who didn’t have the time or money to take care of her. People, Frenchies are designed to empty your pockets and suck up allll the love! It's their nature.

Coal is just barely out of puppyhood at around one year old, but even as a teenager she is already winning everyone over with her charm. She’s a happy girl, loves food, is obsessed with water, and behaves calmly around the resident toddler and other dogs. Everyone is excited to continue basic obedience with her and to work on her house training.

As you can see, she has a cleft lip, but so far it doesn’t affect her at all, aside from making her smile a little extra special! Aside from being in heat and a little hair loss (we will be looking into the cause of that! Teenagers are self-conscious about their hair!), she seems to be in good health, overall. She will, however, need to be spayed. If you’d like to help this adorable one get one step closer to a loving, permanent home, click her photo and sponsor Coal! Thank you!


You’re adorable, love Stacee , Clive & Herkie , in memory of our sweet Gemini

Something for you little angel. Margaret Smith

For you little princess. You are a sweetheart. Margaret Smith

Joseph Navarro