Date posted: 7/7/19
Location: TN

With sad hearts, we must announce that Audie has crossed the Bridge in the loving arms of his foster mom. After many months of training and attempts with trainers, Audie's predilection for unprovoked, serious bites remained unchanged. For the safety of his foster family and with the knowledge that he could not be safely adopted, the board of directors made the decision to humanely euthanize him. Our hearts go out to those who loved him.

Watch out, there's a handsome new fellow at FBRN. The fawn and cream Audie has made his debut. He was tearfully surrendered to FBRN when his behavior with household guests became too aggressive for his family to handle. His issues seemed to start after he lost his fur sibling and was having a hard time dealing with that. 

For now. Audie is working to settle into his foster home, a quiet place with not much activity. He has currently been spending some supervised time playing with his foster fur sibling and loves it! At 5-years-old, this boy has a tongue that seems to be too long for his mouth, so most of the time the tip happens to be sticking out. He's a sweet boy who loves to explore the back yard. He is healthy with good potty habits and has been house trained. Audie will be working on his stubbornness and attitude while in foster care. He seems to want to be the boss of everything and his foster parents are teaching him to understand his humans are in charge. He's shown good progress so far.

If you have a few spare coins to give to Audie, he'd greatly appreciate some training treats or something to help him progress with his learning. All you need to do is click on the link to sponsor him. Thank you!


We love you Audie. Find a great home <3 Phillip Pena