Location: MO
Age: 7 years
Sex: Spayed female
Weight: 25 lbs.
Kids: over age 12, dog-savvy
Cats: No
Dogs: Maybe one friendly, mellow dog (see bio)
Fenced yard: Required
Adoption fee: $250
“Brigid is a breeder dog who wants to please and play but hasn’t really ever had the opportunity to do so. She needs to learn a lot of things, but once she does she will make a great dog for someone. Since she hasn’t had a lot of experiences in her life, in some ways she is like a puppy, seeing things for the first time.”

In Irish mythology, the goddess Brigid was a poet and healer who offered sanctuary to hunted animals and healed the sick with the elements of fire and water. So it’s fitting that she be the namesake for our own Brigid, a rescued backyard breeder who is looking to continue her healing journey in the loving arms of a forever family.

Upon her arrival in foster care, it quickly became apparent that Brigid had not spent much of her seven years outside of a cage. During her first week, she barely came out of her crate, save for some timid investigations of the living room and backyard. Freedom to move and romp about was frightening, rather than freeing, and unfamiliar noises and smells sent her scampering back to the security of her den. But foster dad was patient with Brigid, letting her take things at her own pace, and she has slowly started to emerge from that proverbial shell. Her crate is still her safe space, to which she retreats whenever she feels nervous or overwhelmed, but she is spending less and less time in there as she learns how much awesome stuff the outside world has to offer…like treats, and toys, and bones, and bones, and bones. (Did we mention bones?) If you look under Brigid’s bed and blanket, you’ll find a treasure trove of buried bones, carefully hidden away from the probing noses of her canine foster siblings. As for toys, Brigid is still getting the hang of exactly how they work, but she has definitely shown some aptitude for disemboweling plushies and flinging their stuffing about the room. 

Although she’s made great strides since her arrival, Brigid is still a Frenchie who needs a little extra. She’s not a pret-a-porter, wear-it-right-off-the-rack type of girl. She’s more like a pair of stiff designer jeans, which need some patience and love before they fit your waist and flatter your curves. Brigid needs time. She needs patience. She needs to be taught all of the things that she never had a chance to learn, like how to walk on a leash, and play with a toy, and go potty outside. (She’s improved greatly in that respect, but we still can’t call her reliably housebroken, and the shift to a new home will likely mean some backsliding.) She needs to learn that the world outside her crate is full of wonderful things to sniff and wonderful foods to eat, and that human hands are for pets and belly scratches and gentle ear rubs. Fortunately, Brigid is both extremely food motivated and eager to please, so we know that with the right combination of patience, love, and positive reinforcement, she will become the joyful, confident Frenchie that she was always meant to be.

This sweet girl is looking for a dog-experienced home, with people who are patient and willing to take things at her pace. (If you have particular experience with shy, under-socialized dogs, please tell us about it in your application!) A fenced yard is a must, since Brigid is still getting the hang of being outdoors and tends to wander aimlessly (and perhaps a little fearfully) when she goes outside. At least for now, accompanying her person to work would probably be a bit too stressful, so she needs a family where someone is at home during the day or can visit her at lunch for a potty break and some cuddles. Brigid thrives on attention, so she’d prefer to be an only dog, but she’d also be happy with a mellow canine companion, who can help show her the ropes and teach her a thing or two about the finer arts of tug-o-war and snuggling on the people couch. Her need for routine and predictability mean that cats and small children aren’t a good match, but she’d be fine with dog-savvy kids of the teenage type. 

Brigid came to FBRN with a urinary tract infection and a case of the itchies, but those are both long gone thanks to a combination of antibiotics and high-quality food. A raw diet keeps her allergies at bay, and ensures that her pretty cream coat stays soft and shiny. Despite the rigors of numerous pregnancies, her physical health is excellent, and Brigid surely has many more years of love and companionship to offer the right family.

Brigid is an easy dog to love, and no one knows that better than her devoted foster dad, who says, “Brigid is a breeder dog who wants to please and play but hasn’t really ever had the opportunity to do so. She needs to learn a lot of things, but once she does she will make a great dog for someone. Since she hasn’t had a lot of experiences in her life, in some ways she is like a puppy, seeing things for the first time.”

Can you give the beautiful Brigid a home where she can blossom into her true self? If so, please fill out an application and tell us why this special girl is the dog for you. Just be prepared to travel—Brigid is gnawing on a bone in the Show Me State of Missouri, and will not be shipped.

FBRN dogs are in foster care in people's private homes. For the foster families' safety, we do not disclose specific locations, and we don't set up meet and greets prior to applications. For detailed information about the dogs in our care, please read the extensive bios on each dog.

FBRN does not ship dogs as cargo, so adopters are expected to pick up their dogs from their foster family.



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Sweet girl it won't be long before you learn all about being a beloved Frenchie! Love from Rin & Crew

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